Estonian language in Wikipedia

All languages are of cultural value not only to the native speakers but also for all humankind. In the era of the globalization and Internet, the strength of a language could be estimated by the size and quality of its native Wikipedia, the on-line encyclopedia composed by volunteers. Tartu Hansa Rotary has teamed up with the University of Tartu in Million+ project which aims to support development of Vikipeedia, the Estonian Wikipedia. The project promotes Vikipeedia, helps teachers to include writing of Vikipeedia articles as student home works, organises article writing competitions etc. In 2018, THR supported Million+ language editing competition which resulted in more than 700 articles edited.

Vikipeedia 2019 stipendiumid

Svea Tarkin

Merily Smidt

Liina Kahu

Kokku anti Vikipeedia stipendiumeid 2000 eurot


Vikipeedia 2018 stipendiumid

Merily Smidt

Hanna Pook

Mariin Pantelejev

Kokku anti Vikipeedia stipendiumeid 2000 eurot

2018 andis klubi esimest korda Vikipeedia stipendiumeid.

Stipendiumifondi toetasid Anu Reinart, ja Mart Noorma 1000 euroga ja klubi 1000 euroga.